2015 SARRC Homestead-Miami Endurance

Coming off a fantastic race weekend at Daytona International Speedway a month ago, my challenges at Homestead-Miami Speedway were comparably more difficult. Admittedly it was difficult to focus while out of the car for reasons unknown. Though I pulled through the haziness in my head to learn Homestead in a very short time. All I had was one qualifying session to bring myself up to speed, something which I accomplished very well. I set a goal for myself and simply smashed it to pieces. I used the entire qualifying session to learn; earning myself a spot in the third row overall and third in class. 

I had a bad start for the race in which I was blocked in by a few slower cars that took advantage of how closely packed the cars were through the first four corners of lap one. The first twenty minutes saw me chasing down the second place Spec Racer Ford through lap traffic. Eventually I caught the Spec Racer Ford in second place, where we jostled for position for a few laps before they dove into the pits for their pit stop. Not to soon after, the skies darkened and storms were moving quickly towards the circuit.  Every lap I made, you could see the storms moving ever closer and growing in intensity. We made our pit stop forty-five minutes in; the pit stop, as usual, went flawlessly [thanks to my crew at Prism Motorsports]. I made four laps before it started to rain on the eastern half of the circuit. Each lap thereafter would see rain on alternating sections of the circuit. Finally within the last twenty minutes, severe lightening within the area forced officials to end the race as conditions were deemed unsafe for the corner marshals and crew members on pit road. I finished the race second in class and third overall. My success at Homestead-Miami made four podiums in a row (two double podiums in a row).   

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