Intent to Race - Miami 500

     About a week or two ago I released this image on all of my social media accounts. I officially announced my intent to compete in the Miami 500 in a CN sports prototype on the grounds that I received the funding necessary to compete. Well I will give all of you, my friends, fans and family, insight on the entire project. Keep in mind this all tentative, worse-case scenario is that I don't receive funding, which ultimately means that I do not race.

     The Miami 500 is a 500 KM endurance race that takes place at Homestead-Miami Speedway on the 29th - 30th of November. The race is sanctioned by FARA USA. Multiple classes of cars compete for class and overall victories. Classes range from prototype style cars to GT cars and even to show room stock style cars. The race is free for fans to come in and experience the excitement. Fans can basically mingle with the teams and drivers as they have free paddock access with a grid walk right before the race starts. In addition to the on-site attendance, FARA provides a live-stream of the race across the internet.

     I am currently working with Motorsports Southwest out of Austin, Texas to bring their Wolf GB08 CN sports prototype car to the Miami 500. The only thing holding us back is funding. In all honesty it is very expensive to do what I do. I won't lie, the budget for this event is just about $12,000. This simply means I need to raise $12,000 or a good majority of it so I can race. This includes everything from team transportation to tires and fuel (There's a lot in the budget, but it's not completely relevant).  

 Ivan Bellarosa, Wolf Factory Team, Avelon Formula

Ivan Bellarosa, Wolf Factory Team, Avelon Formula

This is the Wolf GB08. It is a fully carbon fiber CN sports prototype. It has a four-cylinder Honda K20 A engine tuned by Mugen and produces 255 HP. It has a SADEV six-speed sequential gear box with an option for paddle shifters. The aerodynamics of this beast produces over a 1,000 lbs of down force, literally sucking the car to the track. 

Now here's the predicament, I have been working on this project since early June. In July I started searching for sponsorship for the event with no avail. I have until mid to late September to get at least $11,000 of the money in order to race. Around the same time I have a tentatively scheduled test day at MSR Houston with Motorsports Southwest. Which is part of the budget.

For Potential Partners:

I am still looking for sponsorship from businesses or even individuals (you would receive the same benefits as a sponsoring business, your name would be on everything and included with everything instead of a logo). If you are interested in partnering with me for the Miami 500 contact me: 321-652-0462 and/or by e-mail: 

This would be a great opportunity for a business to build upon a consumer base and broaden brand exposure.

For My Fans, Friends and Family:

If you want to help me on my project, SHARE, SHARE and oh yeah... SHARE! I would absolutely love it if all of you or even most of you could share this post and my other posts regarding me competing in the Miami 500! If all goes right I will be giving away some cool stuff leading up to the Miami 500! We will have to see how everything pans out! Thank you all for all of your continued support!

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