May 2014 Update

    It's May, the year is almost half way over and with four more rounds left in the season I have plenty of updates and "what you may have missed" content for all of you. 


What you may have missed for the month of May...Enjoy!

Season Schedule Update

     Just last week I found out that SCCA's SARRC championship changed most of its' race dates starting from May to August. This changes my schedule drastically; my schedule from June on wards is being re-worked at the moment. The first planned race of my revised schedule is set for Roebling Raceway in Savannah, Georgia on the 28th - 29th of June. The rest of the races will be scheduled soon. I'll update everyone once we figure out the schedule. 

"Laps at Palm Beach International Raceway"

     A few laps from the 90 minute endurance race at Palm Beach International Raceway back in March. The video starts just as a full-course caution period ends and the field is restarting. This was my second time on track as I missed practice on Friday. 

"Daytona Classic Endurance Pitstop Action"

     Pit-stop action from onboard my Spec Racer Ford at the 2014 SCCA SARRC Daytona Classic during the endurance race. It was a mandatory five minute pit-stop, although the crew had to change from rains to slicks and change an alternator belt leaving us with an almost six minute stop. 

"A Few Laps from the 2014 SARRC Daytona Classic Endurance Race"

     Starting right after the previous video, "Daytona Classic Endurance Pitstop Action". 

T-shirt Update

     The sale of my t-shirts have been put off since April because of order problems, checking for quality and sizing. We are looking at the end of June or beginning of July right now before they arrive. I will post an update for everyone to see when they will officially become available. 

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