SARRC Rd. 2 PBIR Preview

 Palm Beach International Raceway. (Road course on top, karting course on bottom)

Palm Beach International Raceway. (Road course on top, karting course on bottom)

      Palm Beach International Raceway, one of the three major racing circuits in south Florida, is the scene for my next race coming up on the 29th of March. The last time I competed at Palm Beach International Raceway was in 2012 for the first round of Florida Winter Tour's Formula Kart Weekend. 

     This time I am here to compete in an SCCA SARRC event. I will be competing in a 90 minute endurance race on Saturday the 29th( of March) with the newly founded Prism Motorsports. 

Brief History Lesson

Let's start with some history, I promise it'll be quick, I know many of you hated history class...     

     Palm Beach International Raceway(PBIR) is another one of those historic circuits found through out the south, although PBIR is not quite as popular as Sebring or Daytona. PBIR was opened in 1965 with the aim to hold major international sport car events, eventually to replace Sebring for the 12 hours. This was not the case as the 12 hours stayed with Sebring. In 1981 the Moroso family took over and changed the name to Moroso Motorsports Park. In the late 2000's the track was sold and changed again to Palm Beach International Raceway. 

The Layout

Length: 2.043 Miles(3.27 KM)

Width: 90 feet(Max.)

Banking: 0 - 6 degree variation(one corner has 6 degree banking)

Turns: 11


     After seeing the success LIVE! encountered in it's debut, LIVE! will be available starting this Thursday, the 27th of March. If you are a new fan, here's the low down. LIVE! is a page on my website, using social media accounts, to keep my fans, friends, supporters and family updated about my race weekend without the need to be members of those social media websites. LIVE! is only available during my race weekends and will be disabled in the time between events. 

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